Submission Guidelines

Issue 2 Theme: Existential

tiny wren is getting philosophical for Issue 2 with the theme Existential. Submit up to six (6) tiny poems related to existence, what it means to be alive, finding meaning, the human condition, or existential philosophy in a single Word document (.doc or .docx). Each poem should be on its own separate page, single-spaced, + in 12-point font, nothing fancy. Work should be your own and unpublished. Before you submit, please read our FAQ page. 

tiny wren will publish accepted poems on its website and also provide a link to download poems in zine form.


Submissions: Currently closed


tiny wren publishing

tiny wren lit wants your tiny manuscripts of tiny poems to publish in zine format.


How tiny? 

  • No more than fifteen (15) lines in length (including stanza breaks)

  • Five (5) to ten (10) lines are our sweet spot

  • Each line should have no more than twenty-five (25) characters, including spaces

Submission deets

  • Submit a manuscript of six (6) to ten (10) tiny poems in one file (.docx or .pdf)

  • Have one (1) tiny poem per page

  • One submission/manuscript per reading period

  • Manuscript should be cohesive (theme, tone, + style)

  • At least eighty (80) percent of poems should be new + unpublished

  • tiny wren lit does not charge submission fees


Accepted manuscripts

  • Authors of chosen manuscripts will receive fifteen (15) complimentary copies from a print run of forty-five (45)

  • tiny wren lit will collaborate with authors on zine format + design

Submissions: Currently closed

Submit a tiny zine

Ostrich Egg

tiny wren will occasionally open submissions for long poems to showcase creative works too large to fit in a wren's nest.

Submissions: Currently closed

Submit an Ostrich Egg