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Common Queries

What is a tiny poem?

We want poems that are fifteen (15) lines in length or under (including stanza breaks). Remember, we're tiny! Five (5) to ten (10) lines are our sweet spot. Each line should have no more than 25 characters + spaces. While we prefer free verse, we will consider tiny form poetry, such as minisons + triolets. We do not accept work created by AI.

What type of content does tiny wren like?

We like poems that have strong imagery + emotional weight. That being said, even tiny poems with simple, clear language can engage us if well crafted. Innovate with your use of figurative language. Make strange or surprising comparisons to show the everyday in a new light. Take that intellectual leap.

What is a zine?

A zine is a tiny homemade/handcrafted booklet with a tiny circulation number. Excluding the front and back covers, tiny wren zines will have a minimum of six (6) poems.

​Each issue will have its own PDF for readers to download + create a zine. Here are instructions on how to create your own zine. tiny wren publishing will print + produce a limited run (75 copies) of accepted tiny manuscripts. tiny wren will have an open call for tiny manuscript submissions once a year. We also solicit individual poets for work, often those published in previous issues.

How long do I have to wait?

tiny wren lit responds within a month, often sooner, for issue submissions. Simultaneous submissions are okay. Just notify us if you need to withdraw a poem from consideration.

Anthology + tiny chapbook manuscript responses often take place after submission periods close.

You accepted my poem. What's next?

tiny wren asks for one-time publication rights + first North American rights. tiny wren will publish your poem online + place it in a tiny zine format available for download from our website.

What will get me kicked out of the nest?

We instantly reject any work that glorifies racism, violence, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, rape, or discrimination of any kind. Do not send us gratuitous work with the aim to shock for shock’s sake.

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