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Yuu Ikeda

The Cruel Mirror and The Phantasmal Sky

Whenever she looks at the mirror,

a tiny bird is flying freely.

She averts her eyes from the mirror,

and looks up at the sky.

In the blue sky,

a tiny bird doesn't exist.

In piercing loneliness,

a free bird doesn't exist.

She looks up at the sky.

As punishment to herself,

she looks up at the sky.

The silent and vague sky that she hopes.

Her sole hope.

But whenever she reaches her hands,

only the mirror is there.

Yuu Ikeda (she/they) is a Japan based poet and writer. She loves mystery novels, western art,

sugary coffee, and japanese comic “呪術廻戦 (Jujutsu Kaisen)”. She writes poetry on her website. She is the author of the poetry collections The Palette of Words, Seasons Echoing Around Me, Phantasmal Flowers in The Eden Where Only I Know, A Chain-Smoker at Midnight, and more. One of her big dreams is to writewhile traveling around the world. Her Twitter and Instagram: @yuunnnn77

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