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Sara Lynne Puotinen

Sara Lynne Puotinen lives in south Minneapolis, near the Mississippi River Gorge, where she reads and writes and tries to be upright and outside as much as possible. She earned a B.A. in religion, an M.A. in ethics, and a Ph.D in women’s studies, which all inform her experiments in paying attention and her playful troubling of what it means to write while moving, to move while writing, and to do both while losing her central vision from a degenerative eye disease (cone dystrophy). Her writing has appeared in Poemeleon,  Hearth & Coffin, Longleaf Review, and The Account, among others.

The Swans

Too big for this small lake,

six giant swans glide

beside the far shore

in a slow march of magic

& menace. Each time I breathe

to my left they appear.

Sometimes I ignore them,

sometimes I race them, and

sometimes I believe

they’re not boats.

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