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Dream Journal #3

Leela Raj-Sankar

there’s a hole in my 

chest. i’ve tried to get

a good look, but i can’t 

get close enough. i don’t

mind. i’m not sure i want

to see it, the jostling,

ugly mess of innards. 

i’ve taken to treating my

heart like a wild animal 

about to spook. hush. 

i hold out my hand for 

her to sniff. you can 

trust me; i’m on 

your side

Leela Raj-Sankar is an Indian-American teenager from Arizona. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rejection Letters, Full House Literary, and Fahmidan Journal, among others. In her spare time, he can usually be found watching bad movies or taking long naps. Say hi to her on Twitter @sickgirlisms.

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